Are Dental X-Rays Safe During Pregnancy?

Posted by AUGSTEN FAMILY DENTAL on Apr 13 2022, 05:31 AM

Dental care should be given more importance during the pregnancy period. One of the things that can be done to maintain a healthy pregnancy is to keep the mouth healthy. Dentists recommend a dental X-ray to detect any early signs of tooth decay or gum disease. 

Dental X-rays are typically recommended only once a year. So the patient needs to undergo an X-ray only once during the pregnancy period. 

Is Dental X-ray Safe for Pregnant Women?

Dental X-rays are quite safe during pregnancy as the amount of radiation used is very low. Because of lower radiation, dental X-rays do not harm the pregnant woman or her baby. Only the mouth will be exposed during the X-ray. 

A lead apron is used during dental X-rays to protect the baby and the mother herself. This prevents the reproductive organ from getting exposed to the direct X-ray beam. It does not pose any risk to the newborn baby if all the procedures are done properly. 

Some childbirth complications arise from untreated dental diseases. Dental X-rays help the mother and the baby in overcoming such complications. Hence, X-rays are recommended by dentists so that they can find a solution to the problem. 

Things to Consider for Undergoing X-rays During Pregnancy 

It is important to consider safety measures while undergoing X-rays during pregnancy. It is better to wait until delivery to undergo elective treatment like teeth whitening. It is also recommended to have all the dental treatments done during the second trimester. It is because the fetus undergoes major growth during the first trimester and the second half of the third trimester. 

It is important to tell your dentist that you are pregnant so that they can take the necessary actions to protect you. A lead apron should be worn by the pregnant woman to prevent damage to the genes that could be passed on. It also reduces harmful effects on future descendants. Lead apron blocks any scattered radiation to reach the reproductive organ. 

The pregnant woman should feel free to talk to the dentist. They can also enquire about the need for an X-ray examination. They can also tell the dentist if they had done any other similar X-rays recently. 

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